Labo de Dermafirm

What is Labo de Dermafirm?

Dermafirm Inc., the manufacturer of the professional Dermafirm brand, as well as it's premier brand Biotoc, has launched a promotional entry-level brand called Labo de Dermafirm.  This product line has a different ingredient list and target consumer compared to it's other professional brands.  Sold predominantly in China only, as well as a few promotional items online and in some wholesale markets, this brand competes with other consumer level natural cosmetic brands that cater to everyday consumers looking for skincare products at an affordable price point.

Labo de Dermafirm products do not contain the high concentration of medical and natural ingredients that the professional Dermafirm brand does, and are not qualified to be able to be used in hospitals, professional clinics and salons like the Dermafirm and Biotoc product lines.