DERMAFIRM, INC. was founded in 2002 and has developed dermocosmetics for helping damaged skin become healthy skin, based on high quality prescriptions and precise ingredient data acquired from Japan and Germany. The company specializes in researching and developing cosmetic ingredients and textures based on the results of hospital and clinical testing on a variety of top quality products, in order to accumulate know-how and expertise before making their products available to the public.


“DERMAFIRM”is the leading brand of DERMAFIRM, INC., and is a cosmetics product prescribed by adding new and highly effective ingredients, including plant-based components and peptides, in order to make skin healthier and clearer for every age and skin type. DERMAFIRM, INC. founded a CGMP grade plant in 2010, and expanded and moved its cosmetics texture research institute. It continues to research cosmetic ingredients to develop highly effective and remarkable cosmetic ingredients which have fewer side effects. As one of its achievements, it obtained ISO CGMP 22716 certification in November, 2014.

DERMAFIRM, INC. also developed DSC (Derma System Cell) Peptide Technology in 2015 and launched their top of the line, super anti-aging product, named “BIOTOC”, which is a lotion-type botox that is quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin for fast and effective results. BIOTOC contains DERMAFIRM, INC. developed peptides,  developing visually visible greater results which are highly recognized throughout the world.


will continue in unflagging efforts to develop new cosmetic technologies and
researching safer and healthier products by using carefully selected natural ingredients and prescriptions.

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