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How to Properly Treat Skin Redness and Rosacea

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Does your skin often get blotchy red patches?  According to an article by Advanced Dermatology, “Redness of the face is caused by growth of many small blood vessels in the face. This can be caused by either sun damage or by a condition called rosacea, which causes flushing, blushing, dilated blood vessels and pimples”. It can be mild, but many people suffer with sever cases that not only affects their skin but also their confidence as well!

It’s also extremely crucial to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) to prevent not only possible sunburns but also deep skin conditions such as premature aging or even skin cancer.

So whether you have redness from over-exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, or suffer from dilated blood vessels, Dermafirm has come out with their REDNESS CARE LINE to help your skin to calm down and ensure you feel confident in your own skin once again!

Now that we know some of the causes of redness to the skin, let’s go over the steps and products that Dermafirm makes to help remove the redness and heal your skin!

Dermafirm’s Redness Care line contains the following products:

In addition to the redness care product line, Dermafirm also highly recommends their  SPF 50+ Sunblock Cream as well to minimize further damage to your skin when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These products are not only catered towards skin that has been damaged by the sun but also to help protect the skin from the harmful environmental conditions. A key point about Dermafirm’s REDNESS CARE LINE is that it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. One of the potent ingredients of this skincare line is Aloe Vera, which is very good to help calm down irritated and damaged skin!

Dermafirm is a highly reputable cosmeceutical brand from South Korea that is used for post laser treatments by Dermatologist’s in Korea and in professional clinics around the world.

The steps that are about to be provided are designed to help you deal with your skin redness as effectively as possible.  Missing any steps will limit the best results to heal your skin!

Step 1: All-In-One Bubble Deep Cleanser

At the start of your skin care routine, it’s always best to wash your face well to erase all of the dirt that had accumulated throughout the workday or overnight.

Best thing about this cleanser is that not only could be used as a normal cleanser but also as a makeup remover!

How To Use:

  • Dampen your face with lukewarm water and gently massage the cleanser into your skin for 20 – 30 seconds
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water to wash away the product and gentle dry your face

Key Ingredients

  • Pearl Extract – makes your skin supple and moistened while maintaining skin elasticity
  • Allantoin – helps strengthen skin barrier and improve moisturizing function
  • Mung Bean Extract – helps strengthen skin elasticity and barrier

Step 2: Ultra Soothing Toner

Once you have finished washing your face with the cleanser, you want to use a toner to close up your pores. This toner helps smooth and calm down your sensitive skin due to stress, sun damage and it will quickly help normalize your skin.

Highly recommended for those with:

  • Dry and scaly patch skin
  • Skin that is easily weakened and damaged by external environment
  • Sensitive skin types with frequent skin issues

How To Use:

  • Soak a cotton pad and apply onto your face in and outward motion


  • Pour a good amount of product onto your hands and gently pat into the skin until it has completely absorbed

Key Ingredients

  • Azulene – calms the redness on the skin and relieves the swelling
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – helps skin to become soft, supple and conditioned to improve and maintain healthy skin
  • Red Nephrite Complex – improves dull skin tone into white and clear skin tone

Step 3: Ultra Soothing Formula

After the toner has fully absorbed into your skin, you want to start moisturizing your skin as the next step of your skin care routine.

This soothing formula emulsion lotion not only helps calm your skin down, but it also has a cooling effect for overheated skin – including assisting in preventing further skin damages done by the sun. The lotion will help improve the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the production of collagen protein.

How To Use:

  • Pump an appropriate/decent amount of product into your hand and begin placing around the T – Zone of your face and gently tap the product into your skin
  • Ensure to place lotion on the neck as well

Key Ingredients

  • Sodium Hyaluronate – very good moisturizing effect and effective for improving elasticity in the skin
  • Azulene – calms the redness on the skin and relieves the swelling
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – helps skin to become soft, supple and conditioned to improve and maintain healthy skin
  • Red Nephrite Complex – improves dull skin tone into white and clear skin tone

Step 4: Azulene Vera Gel

After the lotion has been fully absorbed into your skin, you want to move onto applying the Azulene Vera Gel that contains natural Aloe and Azulene ingredients that will protect and maintain the skin from the burning sun.

This gel is completely ideal and perfect for those who are looking for a gel with a cooling effect without feeling sticky afterwards.

It can be quite confusing to use this product after the “Ultra Soothing Formula” as the number on the bottle is labeled otherwise. The reasoning why is by using the Azulene Vera Gel after is to eliminate stickiness. One major benefit is that if the gel is applied after the Ultra Soothing Formula Emulsion, it gives superior moisture until the next day.

How To Use:

  • Give about two pump of product onto your hand and gently apply around your face
  • If needed, can be used on the entire body

Azulene extract, a key ingredient in this gel, is a calming ingredient for sensitive skin and helps maintain your healthy skin including help prevent skin damages by forming reinforcement skin barriers.

Step 5: Ultra Hydro Soothing Mask

Give your skin a little bit of extra love by using the Hydro Soothing Face Mask that helps treat irritated skin from external harmful environment conditions. This is a highly concentrated mask for immediate skin improvement and it will help provide more moisture to your skin!  You can also use this mask on its own as a perfect way to end your evening after a stressful workday!

How To Use:

  • Carefully place the mask to fit your face the best that you can and leave on for roughly 15 – 20 minutes
  • Let it soak in and do not wash it away.


  • Use the remaining ample lotion within the package and pat around other areas on your skin (neck, arms, leg and etc) to give extra love for other areas on your body !!

Step 6: Sunblock Cream SPF 50 PA +++

To us, the key point and MUST to everyone’s skincare routine is always sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! No matter how much you try to heal your skin with products, there is not better way to help take care of your skin than with proper sunblock.

This sunblock is one of our top favorites out of the entire Dermafirm products that we have used, because not only does it feel great on your skin, but it also helps protect your skin from both UVA (ultraviolet waves that deeply penetrates into your skin and can create premature wrinkles) and UVB (ultraviolet waves that are responsible for sunburns) at the same time!

The product has a smooth texture that also contains a brightening effect that will help even out your skin and plus side, you will feel great without any feeling sticky.

How To Use:

  • Start off with a small amount on your finger tips and gently place around your face and gently tap the product into your skin
  • Be sure to cover not only your face but also your neck and ears as well as these areas are also vulnerable to the sun


  • As this product contains a brightening effect, you do NOT want to put too much on or else you may look like a clown – start off small then build up !!

After only  one time usage of all these steps, you will immediately feel an improvement in your skin! People have said that they are definitely looking forward to continue using these products in hope that the redness on my skin will not only improve but also no longer exist so that they can save their skin from not only the sun but also their wallet from purchasing more makeup products to hide their blemishes.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and look towards trying out these amazing products!